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Lighting for Events in Winnipeg

Aime’s Music Services is Winnipeg’s go-to place for lighting and production services. Lighting and production are key to each and every setup. In addition to music, the perfect lighting also plays a vital role in setting the right mood for your event. We have a wide variety of lights for you to choose from. At Aime’s Music Services, we offer a full range of equipment including LED lights in all shapes and sizes, lasers, trusses for mounting lights, fog machines, DMX controlled lights, projectors and projection screens, bubble machines, lapel microphones, and more! Our designer rotation lights and moonflowers are the primary lighting element for the dance floor. When you're partying hard, you often don't even notice the lights pulsing to the beat under your feet, or over your head. But they're working just as hard as your feet are to keep you out on the floor.

Laser Lighting

Fog/Haze, Strobe and Beacon Lights




Lighting And Karaoke Services In Winnipeg

Take your event to another level with our lighting and production services.

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